Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Today I listened to my body and decided I needed a day without running.  I'm hoping my legs will feel refreshed tomorrow because of it.  Since I mainly blog about running, and sometimes diabetes, but not much because I can't find a whole lot to say about it, here are 10 random things you most likely didn't know about me. 

  1. I never thought I would live where I currently live.  I always thought I would live in Iowa, but would not trade my current life for anything. 
  2. I have a sister, but we are completely different.  She is a journalist and lives in L.A. 
  3. I drive the speed limit, which annoys many other drivers.  If the speed limit is 35, I will drive 35.  
  4. My middle name is my mom's maiden name.  My siblings have normal middle names.
  5. I have donated my hair 4 times to Locks of Love. 
  6. I am very quiet, until I get to know you.  But even then, I am still pretty quiet.  I rarely talk when I'm in a group of people. 
  7. I do not like ketchup.  I will not eat anything that has its flavor, either, like pasta sauce.  Although,  I love mustard. 
  8. I like to listen to people talk and how they say certain words.  For example, my grandpa say "bat tree" as in tree full of bats instead of battery.  I smile every time I hear him say the word.
  9. I've never been out of the country. 
  10. I've run 23 races since May of 2006.
What is something interesting about you? 


  1. We have 1, 6, 7 in common, my wife has done 5 twice

  2. Very interesting facts! I like number 8, I want to start doing that as well :)

  3. I like your facts! 4 times! Wow. Once was enough for me. Perhaps because we're quiet in real life is why we turn to blogging?.....

    Something interesting about me? I'm very musically talented: I play the piano, flute, and saxophone as well as sing.