Wednesday, September 21, 2011

5k Goals and Tapering

Tapering for the Chicago Marthon has started, as well as my tapering for my 5k on Saturday. I find it both nice and challenging to taper. I like to run a lot of miles, so running a lot less is a drastic change to my work-out routine everyday. However, my legs always enjoy it.

I don't think taping has officially set in with me yet, as yesterday I did an 8+ mile day, consisting of 6 1-mile repeats at the track (which went awesome....sub 7 for my last one = great feeling). Today I was supposed to run 5 miles, but decided only to run 4 because I was battling a low blood sugar all day. Running while low is extrememly exhausting. I am glad I stopped when I did.
Tomorrow I am supposed to run 8 miles and then 12 on Sunday, which will seem incredibly short after 22 last week. However, I plan on doing things a little bit different because that is how I work:
Thursday: 9 or 10 miles, depending on how I feel plus biking, ellipticle and weights
Friday: off
Saturday: 5k race in Park Ridge where I am hoping to PR big time
Sunday: 12 or 14 miles, depending on how I feel

* * * * *

It is interesting to taper for a race within training for a race. I've run a few races while training for the marathon, and my taper has been rather non-exisistent. Considering that I've had a lot of PRs, I only imagine tha I'm in pretty good shape. What if I ran on well-rested legs?

Tapering in marathon training mode, for me, means taking a day off. I run 6 days a week, although my training plan calls for running 5 days per week. I have learned to run easy some days, a concept I would have never baught into in my previous training cycles. I'm learning to love the easy miles.
I guarentee that my 5k on Saturday will be my last race before the marathon. Originally, I was going to run a half marathon on Sunday, but I decided to forego that option because I would have ended up racing it and want to make sure I am 100% ready for the marathon. I have some big goals which I'll be posting about closer to day of the marathon.
For Saturday, my 5k goals are:
  1. Have fun!
  2. PR
  3. Run 20:59 or faster
  4. Properly warm-up and cool down
  5. Do not have a low blood sugar

I'm thinking this race is going to be awesome. I used to hate 5ks, thinking they were so short and pointless. Now, I'm starting to love them. They are so short, it seems like you don't even have to run. You are done in the blink of an eye. I think the main reason why I love them so much is all the work I have done on the track this summer and fall. I never did traditional speed work before, and now I can definitely see the benefit of it. It has helped a lot.

Here's to the last race of the marathon training cycle...and a new PR!

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