Monday, September 26, 2011

Favorite Quote

I'm sure you have a Facebook account.  As a matter of fact, I'm quite sure the majority of Americans  have Facebook, except my parents.  I've always said that the day my parents get Facebook is the day I stop using it. 

Facebook has, along with many other websites, a place where you can put your favorite quote.  Some people go the funny route: "I'm a manbeast extraordinaire."  (I saw this on one of my friend's profiles the other day and just thought it was funny.)  Some list the entire bible out, or so it seems.  Others, like myself but  not many others,  list  just  their favorite quote, whatever  that  might be.

My favorite quote  is:

"To give anything  less than  your best is to sacrifice the gift."  - Prefontaine

I've loved this quote since the moment i heard it, back  in  high school.  It has  stuck with me and motivated me on days where it  would be  easier to run slower/less distance.  I  am a big believer in  using your talents and gifts to the best of your ability.  If  I give anything less than my best, than I am essentially wasting my talents and gifts. 

As I've been thinking  about the races  I've run this  year, I know I  tried my  hardest and did my best, whatever  it  was on  that particular day.   Some  races were  awesome, while others were utter disappointment and learning experiences.  My biggest race is just a few days away - 12 to  be exact.  It could not come any sooner.  And you can count on the  fact  that I'll be using every ounce of talent  i have to do well.

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  1. Since I live a boring life, I live through others via facebook, I like reading about other peoples drama

    I like the quote

    My 2 newest favorite quotes are

    "I never said it will be easy, I said it will be worth it"


    "Good athletes train when they want to, Great athletes train when they dont"