Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Reverse Triathlon: Run, Bike Swim

I have been wanting to swim for the past year or so.  But, swimming seriously scares me.  I took swimming lessons for a year or two growing up, but had not been in a pool in many years - like 10 or so I think.  I never really like swimming growing up and found it too much of an inconvenience with an insulin pump to ever get into.  But, as I said, I have been wanting to swim. 

A few days ago I bought a few new suits that would be appropriate for lap swimming.  Somehow I don't think a two-piece that you would wear to a beach would work.  I got some goggles, a swim cap, and begged my best friend to teach me how to swim.  We go to the same gym and both went at the same time today, after school.  (I am incredibly lucky to have my best friend also teach at my school)  She wanted to spin first and I wanted to run.

I got on the treadmill and then got bored so I ran laps for the remaining part of my run.  Five miles at an 8:02 pace after a big workout yesterday - I was happy.  Then, I got on the bike for a bit.  Last, we hit the pool so I could have Swimming 101. 

Today's lesson?  Kicking, breathing, and, because I begged, attempting to swim.  Let's just say I have a ton of work to do.  But, I am mightily proud of myself that I had the courage to get in the water, and complete a reverse triathlon today.  I am going to blame my weak kick on the fact that I did a relatively hard workout before I got in the pool on an "easy" day.  Still, I still very happy - not only for this success but also for my marathon in Illinois.  I don't really want to go into detail because it involves others, but it is going to be epic.

Are you a natural swimmer, or not a fan of the water?  BDD once told me that swimming is the leg of the triathlon that scares the people the most.  I definitely fit in this category.  Perhaps a triathlon will be in my future....???


  1. In the water is the only place I feel good. I am an average cyclist, aided by my recent inheritance of a super cool tri bike when my husband upgraded, and a horrible runner. I'm not even sure I can use that term, maybe a slogger or drudger might be better? But in the pool I feel sleek and strong and fast. Even when I was nine months pregnant it was the only place I felt normal and nimble. I am doing a reverse tri race this Saturday and know the thought of getting to jump in that pool to finish off will bring me through the run and bike. Now, if I could only find a tri with a 3.1 mile swim and 12 mile bike and a 400 yard run, I would be in Heaven.

  2. Good job getting the pool, sounds like you have what is called "runners kick" which means you kick and kick and kick and it feels like your going backwards, I have it. Honestly, dont worry about the kick, especially if you want to try a tri, you need your legs for the bike and run, I dont kick alot in a race for that reason. Keep at it, it will come along