Thursday, February 9, 2012

Three Things Thursday

I've been busy all week, so here are three things to read.

#1 - Tempo Run Fails.  I want to do my tempo runs on Thursday and Saturday.  I do track workouts on Tuesday and long runs on Sundays, so this works best for my legs.  Some people from my running group meet on Thursdays to run, but there is a problem.  One group runs around a 6:30 or faster pace.  The other group runs 9:15 or slower.  That leaves me, who wants to run around a 7:45 pace, out of luck.  I cannot keep up with the fast group, and I like all of the people in the slower group, so that is where I always end up.  I am trying to figure out how to make my running schedule work by not doing a tempo on Thursday. 

#2 - First 20 miler.  On Sunday I am going to run my first 20 miler of my Illinois Marathon training cycle.  I have done 2 18 milers, but this is the first big run.  I am excited to run it.  I've been doing all of my long runs at a slow pace, and i am hoping this pays off on April 28th. 

#3 - Polar Dash Award.  As I was reorganizing my running medals a few weeks ago, I realized that I was supposed to receive an award for being the 3rd overall female at the Polar Dash, but never got it.  I emailed Team Ortho, who puts the race on, but have yet to hear back.  Honestly, I am not surprised.  From what I can tell, they could improve in the organization department.  I got an email saying that they are hosting another event in Chicago called "get lucky" on St. Patrick's Day.  I hope they are lucky enough to get their permits on time for this event.

Happy Thursday, almost Friday!

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