Sunday, February 10, 2013

Boston Week #3

This past week was all about healing.

Healing my foot.

Healing my cold.

Healing my hellish blood sugars.

Although the week was rough to say the least, I accomplished all three of my goals listed above, which makes me happy.

So what did I actually do this week?  Not a whole lot.

Monday - nothing

Tuesday - nothing

Wednesday - 3 miles on the treadmill and three on the elliptical

Thursday - 4 miles running and 3 on the elliptical

Friday - nothing.  Being over 400 for 8+ hours negatively impacted my body.  It made me never want to be high again, although I realize that is an impossible goal.

Saturday - 8 mile "long" run for the week in the sunshine (how I have missed the sun!!)

Sunday - 3 miles on the treadmill and three miles on the stair master after cheering on my friends at the indoor triathlon

Weekly totals:
18 miles run
6 miles elliptical
3 miles stair master

Can I count this as a step back week?  It was more of like a "do nothing" week, but I am surprisingly ok with that.  I'd rather be healthy and not work out a few days than have lingering sickness.

This week is going to be so much better.  I can't wait to resume training now that I am feeling better.  Plus, it is supposed to be a little warmer, which is great!!!


  1. found your blog by typing "diabetic runners" I am a t1, since 14...anyway...I have my first marathon this week and am super nervous. What do you do with your pump when running, I clip inside waste band...I have tried a spibelt but moved around too much.

  2. Happy you got a sunshine run in!

    Since I am ignorant, how much higher is 400? What does that feel like for you? :(