Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Not Worthy

In many aspects of my life, I am not current with the times.  Most evident is that I don't use the internet on my cell phone.  I know many people who don't think they could live without their iPhone, but it doesn't matter to me.  I'm also probably one of only a few people that don't check their email during the day.  I check it before I leave to work in the morning, and when I get home at night, and that is all.

When I got home today, I opened up my email to see that someone had mentioned me in a comment on Facebook.  Surprised at who had mentioned me, I logged on to Facebook to see what I was mentioned in.

Emily, who I ran the Ragnar Northwest Passage Relay with in the summer of 2011, commented that I was inspiring.  When I read that, I first thought about how kind it was of her to mention me, out of all of the other female athletes that she knows.

Then I started thinking.  I don't view myself as inspirational.  I view myself as 98% ordinary with 2% oddness thrown in for good measure.  I'm an average person, who has a average job, and wants fairly average things in life.  Perhaps the only thing I am truly exceptional at is rolling ankles and falling down while running, both of which I have mastered in the past few months.

Thank you, Emily, for mentioning me.  I think all athletes - no matter what time they run or if they have a chronic medical condition or not - are inspiring.  Every athlete has overcome obstacles and worked hard to be the athlete they are.

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  1. You totally don't need smart phone ;) I didn't get one until last February, and it's just a huge time suck. A fun one, but, you know ;)

    LOL, I think it's funny you say you don't think you are inspiring, but that all athletes are... give yourself some credit ;) I doubt there are many people with Type 1 Diabetes who work as hard as you do to make sure you can still be fit and competitive ;)