Monday, February 18, 2013

Chicago Marathon

As many people know, registration for the Chicago Marathon opens tomorrow.  Part of me wants to get on my computer at noon and hand over my $175 and run the race.  The other part of me is asking myself what I want this year.  I'm conflicted to say the least.

Reasons to Run Chicago:

1.  It was my first marathon and I want redemption.  Granted, this is not a good reason to run and I feel like me running the Illinois Marathon last year was how I redeemed myself, but the feeling is still there.

2.  My brother is running it.  Let me be clear - we are not the same speed.  He is far faster than me, but the idea of running the race and (possibly) starting in the same corral is a fun thought.  Although his goal would be far out of my league (sub 3), it would be neat to share the experience with him.

3.  It is flat, and I'm not a fan of hills.

4.  I didn't get into the Naperville Marathon, which was the race I wanted to run, and this is the next closest marathon to where I live.

5.  Support.  My running club runs the 2nd aid station in the course.  I don't think it would be hard to convince someone to meet me later on in the race and run with me.  As a matter of fact, I'm can think of about 5 people right now that would do it.

6.  Training with a group in the summer.  I like training with many other people, and especially in the summer.  I don't mind running in warm weather so summer training really doesn't both me like it does many other people.

Reasons to Not Run Chicago:

1.  My goal race this fall is the Fox Valley Half Marathon, and my goal is incredibly big.  So big that it scares me sometimes.  However, people have told me that I can achieve it, which makes it become less intimidating.  Since my goal will be a half, I won't be putting in a ton of miles, like those which I would need to log in order to run a full marathon.

2.  My friend is getting married the day before.  I could still go to her wedding, but I would have to leave the reception early.  And I wouldn't want to be on my feet.  It would probably appear as if I was an old, cranky lady at the reception.  I'm not sure if I would even eat the food.

3.  A marathon is hard on my body.  I've put in some decent miles in my current marathon training cycle for Boston and my body doesn't appear to be too happy some days.  I'm not sure if part of it is running so many hills or what, or maybe just the intensity at which I am doing everything, but my body aches most days.

4.  I'm going places this summer and training will be hard.  I'm going to be in Houston for 8 days in the middle of July for a thing for school and I already know my training will suffer.  I am also going to Colorado in August, however, I'm not too worried about training there because my brother would just run with me.  I am legitimately worried about Houston, though.

Just for fun, I decided to ask an online magic 8 ball if I should run:

Apparently, I should register for the marathon without a doubt.

"It is decidedly so" that I should run Chicago.

I'll be thinking about it tonight and tomorrow...who knows!?!  My mind changes with each passing minute.  

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  1. LOL! What did you decide! Did you go with Magic 8?

    That is very cool that your bro runs too! I would like to hear more about that! And your awesome HM goal for FV!!!

    Did you want to get in to Naperville and not register in time? :(