Monday, February 18, 2013

Twitter, Pinterest and Diabetes

I'm a little behind the times.  A few months ago I finally joined Twitter, and although the primary reason was to know what my sister was writing, I've come to enjoy it.  I recently joined Pinterest.  What I've heard everyone say is true - it is the ultimate way to waste time.  But it is oh-so-intersting.

I searched for "diabetes" and found some interesting pictures and info graphics:

This is one of the misconceptions about having diabetes.  Type 1 diabetes has nothing to do with eating too much sugar.  I may have been diagnosed on Halloween, the holiday known for sugar, but my pancreas decided to stop working.  Another misconception is that people think I cannot eat sugar.  However, I do eat sugar.  I couldn't live without cookies.  

I don't know if I consider 126 to be a high blood sugar.  I do know that there still is no cure.  

Most people don't understand how much work it is to live with diabetes.  I wish all people who have fully functioning pancreases would be appreciate them more.  They don't understand what it is like to have a mutant one.  

It is a good thing I don't live in the South.  

I didn't know this and find it shocking.  

I'm one of 8% of the population that has diabetes.  Out of the people that have diabetes, only 10% have type 1 diabetes.  

Average monthly cost of living with Type 1 Diabetes according to this is $422.80.  Luckily, I have insurance to help decrease the cost.  It is an expensive disease.

This is my hope. 

Do you have Twitter?  My name is my Facebook profile name, which, if you know me, isn't my real name.  Let me know your name so I can follow you.  

Are you on Pinterest?  Are you able to waste a lot of time on it?

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  1. I did the pinterest thing for a little bit but it was too much for me. Like FB on CRACK!
    and Twitter? well... sometimes but rarely. I use it when I'm bored to read what other people are writing but I rarely post.
    Thanks to you though, you shared some cool stuff so I don't have to go looking! keep doing it.