Sunday, February 17, 2013

Boston - Week #4

The Boston Marathon is less than 2 months away.  I have one word: yikes!!!  I'll be honest...I'm feeling completely and 100% unprepared for this race.  This week was a busy one and my training didn't go as planned.  I ran everyday, unintentionally, but will be taking tomorrow off.

Monday - Temop
7 miles on the hills in 34 mph winds
1 mile warm-up and then 6 mile tempo
overall average (warm-up + tempo) was 7:32

Felt amazing after this workout.  So amazing that I posted it to Facebook and got some positive responses from the fast guys in my running club.  Perhaps the most influential comment was that I can PR at March Madness.  We'll see.....

Tuesday - Track
7 miles total
warm-up, 400, 800, mile, mile, 800, 400, cool down, plyometrics after

Felt tired, but was surprised at my consistency for the workout.  I did it inside with 3 other track teammates and averaged between 6:25 and 6:55 pace for the various distances.  The plyometrics after just about killed me.

Wednesday - Easy
5 miles at 8:17 average
1 mile stairs
2 miles elliptical

It was so nice outside that I had to get out and enjoy the weather, even though I ran in the dark.  I wanted to run slower and was surprised at my overall average when I got done.

Thursday - Easy for Real
6 miles with running club at 8:57 average

We didn't run on the path like we normally due because it is currently a sheet of ice, so we took our run to the hilly streets.  We saw a possum on a fence when we were running, which scared me a lot.  I may have sprinted into the street when I saw it.  It was so fat and ugly....just gross.

2 miles at 9:28 average
6 miles bike
1 mile walk
2 miles elliptical
2 miles stair master

Felt super, super tired!!

Saturday - Failed Long Run
8 miles at 9:02 pace
1 mile walk
2 miles stair master
2 miles elliptical

Originally, I was going to do my 18-miler today, but I had some stomach issues.  I've never had these before and I now feel incredibly sorry for anyone who has them during a race.  There is nothing worse!!

Sunday - Long Run for Real
18 hilly miles at 8:58 average

Lesson learned: fuel properly.  I started the run at 1 PM and only had a piece of peanut butter toast for breakfast.  During the run I consumed 2 chocolate GU's.  That is not enough food to properly fuel me and I felt incredibly tired at the end of the run.  It was a mental struggle, when I kept telling myself "only 20 more minutes, then 10, 5....".  It was just me, the hills, sunshine and Pitbull today.

Weekly Totals:
Running: 53 miles (this is a new record for me)
Walking: 2 miles
Elliptical: 6 miles
Stair Master: 5 miles
Bike: 6 miles
Weights:  2 times

I'm tired!!!

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  1. Congrats on the new weekly PDR!

    Your comment about the possum totally cracked me up :)

    Were the Saturday stomach issues random or related to Diabetes? :(

    Ugh. Fueling for long runs can be so hard! I hope Saturday's is better!