Friday, March 18, 2011

How Many Miles?

Hello, Spring! The weather in the upper Midwest has been gorgeous the past week. Today I ran outside in running tight capris for the first time in months. It felt wonderful.

I wore a North Face jacket, too, but ended up getting really warm. I'd rather be warm than cold any day, though!
How many miles do you put on your running shoes before you buy new ones? I've heard and read anything from 300 to 600, depending on where you miles are logged. I have a little over 400 miles on my current shoes so last week I went to my favorite running store and bought the following.

I got the exact same pair of Saucony shoes because I love them. I am a huge supporter of Saucony shoes. I will not wear anything else. Stubborn, right?
I broke in my new pair with a nice 3-mile run this morning. But, here is the problem: I know I need to wear my new shoes, but I do not want blisters. In 8 days (!), I will be running my first half marathon of the year. I don't want any feet issues this week, before the race, or during the race.
So the question is...what would you do? Wear the old running shoes, or the new ones this week? Do you have a set mileage that you replace your running shoes at?


  1. I wouldn't run anything longer than a 5k in those new shoes until after like 20-40 miles. Thats what I do. Wear the old shoes for the 1/2M.

  2. I would definitely wear the old ones. 8 days just seems way too short to break in new shoes. New shoes always come with blisters (and sometimes pain) on and off for me for a week.