Thursday, March 24, 2011

Three Things Thursday: To Do List

I can't believe it is already Thursday. Is this week flying by for anyone else? There are so many things I need to get done before heading to Indianapolis tomorrow for the half marathon.

1. Make a play list. I have not completely decided if I am running with my ipod this race or not. I think there are pros and cons to it. When I run with my ipod I am isolating myself, focusing on my music, thoughts, and not the other runners. However, part of running is connect with others - encouraging them by saying good job, or just taking in the sounds of nature and the beating of my feet. I used to never run with music, and now I never run without it. Bottom line: I'll make the decision race day morning when I am waiting around after I eat breakfast. I need to talk with my friend who is running it to see if we are going to run together or not. If we run together, I won't run with my music. If we don't run together, then who knows?

2. Memorize course map. This race is both a half marathon and a quarter marathon (weird, right?!?). The half starts at 9:00, while the quarter starts at 9:05. I looked at the course map briefly and realized that the majority of the first three miles are together. I feel like this might be awkward due to the fact that the quarter runners will be running faster and passing the half marathoners. I need to realize where the paths are different in the first three miles. I don't want to make a wrong turn!

3. Mentally prepare myself. My mind is playing tricks on me, or so I feel. Running is 95% mental. My body is ready, I've tapered this week, and I know I can PR. When I think about the race, one sentence is "yes, I will PR and cross the finish line in the 1:30s" followed by "well, you might have your first DNF since your leg has been funny this week." I need to focus tonight, all day tomorrow, and especially during the race of keep the negative thoughts out of mind. I've never really had these creep into my head before and I do not know why they are doing so. However, I know I can, am able, and ready to PR.

I'm off to Indy tomorrow night. What a great way to start my spring break!

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