Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sam Costa Half Marathon Report

Sometimes we just want the facts. Here they are:

Goal time: Run in the 1:30s

Actual finish time: 1:40:14

Pace: 7:40/mile

Overall: 113/476

Division place (25-29): 3/21 (got a sweet plaque for this!)

Sex place: 20/194

Other stuff: got a stocking cap for driving 60+ miles to race

There were some great things about this race, and some equality crappy things. Here is part 1 of my race report (part 2 tomorrow).
    The Good:

  • My friend and I decided to run together for the first part of the race, which ended up being 8 miles. It was awesome to have someone to talk to while running, which helped keep me relaxed.

  • My post-race blood sugar was 148. This is the best it has ever been.

  • We ran through a lot of neighborhoods with huge houses. It is always nice to look at mansion-like homes while running.

  • I PR'd.
The bad:

  • I overslept on Saturday morning. I set my alarm for 5:53 a.m. so I could eat 3 hours before the race. However, I somehow turned it off in my sleep. Therefore, I woke up at 7, quickly through on my race clothes, scarfed down breakfast and kept telling myself it was not the end of the world. It also didn't help that I woke up to a blood sugar of 53.

  • The race was small, and after my friend and I diverged at mile 8 (he went ahead of me), I felt like I was running alone. Sure, I saw a guy wearing a green shirt for the next 5 miles, but other than that, not a single soul.

  • I didn't run with my music and there was no on-course entertainment or even music playing. I was attempting to sing songs in my head to keep the beat to run worked for a little bit, but it is fairly hard to do this for roughly 39 minutes.

  • I didn't meet my goal.

Tomorrow I'm writing about a dilemma I'm having with my actual time vs. goal time.

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