Thursday, March 10, 2011

Two Days and Counting...

Even though I have a cold and am sick, I will PR on Saturday. However, training while sick is not fun, no matter how much I love to run. My body is tired from fighting the cold and cannot run as fast or for as long. I'm hoping that to be better soon, though. The 5k is two days away and my first half is only a few weeks.

Are you able to get in quality runs while sick? What is your cure?


  1. Running is my cure.... If I'm sick, I work out. I feel like getting in a good sweaty workout makes me heal faster.

    And best of luck on Saturday! You still have some time to heal up!

  2. Quality runs while sick? Not a chance!
    it doesn't even matter if I'm really sick or just a little sick. My body feels like sludge.

    You got 1 more day.... get lots of rest and I'm sure you'll do fine!