Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day of School

Today was the first day of my 5th year of teaching, which makes me feel old.  I know I look like I'm in high school still, but today I felt old.  I was 16 when my students were born in 2000 and 2001.  When I started teaching, I was in 6th grade when they were born.  Honestly, though, the past 5 years have gone by extremely fast.

Although today was not a "teaching" day, I still had to be at school bright and early at 7:30.  Meet the Teacher started at 8, where students had the opportunity to come and see which homeroom they are in for the upcoming year and meet their teacher.  It is always an interesting day, filled with some quality comments. 

Before I get to the best comment of the day, I need to admit again that I hate the morning.  Me and mornings just don't get along.  I like to sleep.  A lot.  I like need to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night or I'm tired and highly cranky.  Yes, I am similar to a baby in that way.  I also throw a fit when I'm hungry and don't get to eat.  Just kidding (sometimes).  It is a really hard adjustment for me getting up at 5:43 in the morning, as opposed to my lovely "I don't set an alarm clock" summer mode.  Hopefully I'll be less tired and more acclimated to not quite as much sleep next week.

The best comment of the day is actually a funny one.  Here is the conversation:

Parent: You know, my daughter really didn't want you for a homeroom teacher.

Me: In 5th grade they spend about 60% of their time in homeroom and 40% in the other classroom.

Parent: My daughter really wanted the other teacher for homeroom. 

Me: (thinking: is  she really telling me this?)  hm....

Parent: But I told my daughter that they probably put her in your room because you are best for her, even if she doesn't want to be in here.

Me: I'm sure they did it in the best interest of your daughter.

Parent: I hope so, but she was just hoping to be put in the other homeroom.

* * * * *

Yes, I understand your daughter wishes she was in the other homeroom, but she is not.  I think those comments would have really bothered me my first couple years of teaching, but now I can just laugh them off.  I know I am a  pretty good teacher.  I expect a lot out of my students and hold them accountable both academically and behaviorally.  They can't get away with things.  Their actions determine how many fun things we can do.  if they cannot show me they can handle doing fun things, they they cannot do them. 

Last year, I had the best class ever.  I loved my homeroom students.  It was so nice to see that about half of them came back to say hi to me today.  Some even asked about certain projects and if my new students were going to do them (like building miniature catapults - my homeroom kids loved that).  I hope so. 

I am hoping for a great year.  I've decided that although there is a fair amount of stress at the school, I will be living in my own happy homeroom bubble. 

What grade in elementary school was your favorite? Why?  I really like 4th grade because of my teacher.  She was so nice and fun.  I can remember in math class when we were learning about fractions she brought in a cookie pan and taught us about fractions from the cookie. 


  1. Some people and what they have to gall to say, I bet that the kid doesnt care about the teacher, her friends are probably in the other class, so she really wants to be with her friends.

    Thanks for being a teacher, without you, we wouldnt have the jobs and knowledge we have today

    I like 6th grade, that was the year that we were old enough for school team sports

  2. wow how lame of that parent. First off, why would you ever tell that to a teacher...wouldn't you already not like the student as much?? Just rude and stupid of the thoughts anyway. You sound like an amazing teacher and she is lucky to have you :)