Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Running The Numbers

I'm a math person.  I like numbers, solving equations, and always have.  Growing up my favorite class was always math, and now that I'm a teacher, it is by far my favorite class to teach.  I found this article, posted on Runners World, interesting because it is all about numbers.  Here are some numbers of my own.

*  *  *  *  *

Races in 2006: 2

Races in 2007: 1

Races in 2008: 1

Races in 2009: 3

Races in 2010: 7

Races so far in 2011: 10

Miles Run in 2011: 1,076.32

# of Races thinks I've done: 6

# of Races thinks I've done: 14

# of States I've Raced in: 7 (IA, WI, IL, MN, OH, IN, WA)

# of Shoes I'm currently training in: 3

Percent of people in my immediate family who've run a half marathon: 80%

# of Race Medals/Trophies: 21

# of Times I've Run on the Treadmill after June 1, 2011: 0

# of Times I Ran Outside Prior to June 1, 2011: 50 at most

Year I Became a "serious runner": 2009

# of Currently Bruised Toenails: 1

# of Running Shorts I Own: 28

# of Marathons I've Done: 0

# of Times I Hear "I'm so surprised you've never run a marathon before" when people find out that I have not run one: Hundreds

# of Days until the Chicago Marathon: 53

# of Weeks I've been training for the Chicago Marathon: 10.5

# of Weeks left to train for Chicago: 7.5

Experience of training for my first marathon: Priceless


  1. And I thought I had alot of running shorts with 8

    My friend Tom from Team Type 1 and his wife Colleen will be running the Chicago marathon

  2. I am jealous of your medal collection... wow you've got a lot.

    More importantly, 28 pairs of running shorts? That's impressive. I only have 3 pairs - I should work on that......