Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Interesting People Who Find My Blog

I'm not sure about you, but I really enjoy the search terms that find this blog.  I've had a few interesting ones this week, including:

"I am unique not tanned" - why, yes you are!  Being pale is are less likely to get wrinkles and skin cancer.

"how to keep a farmer's tan" Are you a farmer?  I have kept mine by continuing to run outside...that does the trick. 

"creative tan lines" I would have to say that mine are rather creative.  It is a bit bizarre wearing shorts and sandals given my tan lines.

"insulin pump shirt" Do you want a shirt that has an insulin pump on it?  Or, a place to put an insulin pump in your shirt?  Not quite sure...I don't have either.

"graffiti piece letters" hm...I don't know graffiti.  Sorry, you are just out of luck.

"do golf compression sleeves work?" I'm not sure...I only wear the running ones.  I didn't know they had some for golf.

What unique phrases bring people to your blog? 

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