Friday, August 12, 2011

When Manners Don't Matter

This story still has me laughing as I type it out. 

Yesterday, when I was lacking the motivation to run but went because my running group was running, I ran with friends.  There were 5 of us running together - me, S - who I've run with a few times before and is really nice, A - a bit quirky, J - makes me laugh every time I see him, and G - an old guy who talks incredibly loud while running - truly, quite amazing! 

Out of the group mentioned above, J is the one I am closest with.  To give you a picture, he is talkative, not serious at all, and has only been running a few years.  He's not very competitive, but just likes to have a good time.  We've debated many times who eats more peanut butter in one week.  I think I win the prize, but he claims he eats more. 

So our little group of 5 is running along and we get to mile 3 or so, still going out on the path.  At this point in the path, there are quite a few side streets to cross.  There are not usually cars, so we don't have to stop.  As we finish crossing one of the streets, J lets out the biggest fart I've ever heard.  I kid you not - it was loud.

The quality element of this story was his reaction.  After it happened, he looks to his right - where A and G were running.  They continued on with their conversation.  He then does this little look over his should at me, as I was directly behind him and S was to the right of me.  When he looked at me, I couldn't help but burst out laughing.  He then proceeded to come run next to me, saying that didn't think anyone would notice. 

Needless to say, it provided our group with a good laugh for the next few miles.  It also lead us to converse about how random topics come up while running, especially when doing high mileage runs.  I've never run more than 15 miles, but according to them, when you are running 18 or more, you just reach a point where you say whatever is on your mind and just don't care. 

Sunday will be my longest run - 17 miles.  I'm excited to run it.  I am taking a different Gu with me, and hope that I'll be able to tolerate it. 

What do you talk about on runs?  Do you have any fun or funny stories? 


  1. That is funny, certain body noises seem to bring out the little kid giggles in us