Monday, February 23, 2009


I got a call from my Medtronic lady today and she said that after talking with my insurance company, I have been approved for the CGMS and a new pump!!!! I feel so happy about this and have not been able to stop smiling. I feel like it is like a "life-changing" event that just happened.

Being a perfectionist from a young age, I always hated seeing any blood glucose levels that were in the 200s. To me, a number that was three digits and started with a number other than 1 was beyond awful. My fear of seeing high numbers got progressively worse and lasted for many years. It was not until this past October when I was at my doctor's office that he made to face the facts. He was hard on me, which was what I needed at the time. "You are killing yourself both slowly and quickly at the same time. You have high numbers at night and extremely low numbers during the day. Going from 30 to 300 is not healthy. It is unacceptable (this hurt the most). " I started to keep extremely detailed records of everything I ate, every number that was tested, how many miles I ran or exercised. I emailed my doctor all the information and he provided me feedback. He was the one that encouraged me to get a CGMS, something that I had no desire to get (remember, I have only been on my pump 3 years, and that was a huge move!).

I do not think I will ever forget the words that my doctor said to me in his office that day. I still feel that I have not completely overcome my fear of high blood sugar numbers and I know that it is something I will forever have to work on. I think that the CGMS will help me get better control and become a better athlete, which is something that I want.

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