Saturday, February 7, 2009


Typically on Sunday I do a cardio circuit workout at my gym. I give my legs the day off from running and instead jump on the eliplticle, cross trainer, and occasional walk on the treadmill. A few weeks ago I decided to implement running into my cardio circuit. I ran on the track, then got on a machine, then back on the track, etc. You get the picture.

When I was on one of the machines a man who I don't remember ever seeing came over and started talking to me. At first I was frustrated. Work out time is my time! Anyway, he noticed I was wearing a t-shirt from the Wright-Patt AFB marathon and asked me what I ran and what my time was. We chatted for a little bit about running and triathlons. When I went down the stairs to go to the locker room when I was done, the man said "have a good day." Now, I am young, and look young. This man is older...mid-50s maybe? Anyway, I thought it was nice of him.

Now, every time I see him he always says hello. It is nice and always makes me happy. He does not know my name, so he has started calling me "Speedy." Today I saw him and he was like "Hi ya doing?" It is nice to know that sometimes strangers are nice, and can make my day happier than it already is. Maybe I need to come up with a nickname for him now...

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