Monday, February 16, 2009

Good Run = Good Mood

Today I ran 5 miles at the gym in 36 minutes and some change. It felt great, and now I feel good, too! I took the 6th mile easy and ended up running 6 miles in 44. Nothing is more satisfying than a good, long(ish) run. I have not really been pushing myself that hard running lately and wanted to today. I have some races tentatively planned for this summer. The first one is a 4-mile road race. I am hoping to run right at 30 minutes for this and it would be great to break 30. We'll see....

I am trying to get on the CGMS and a new pump. I started this in January (the 3rd to be exact) and it is such a long process. When I got my first pump everything was quick...not this time! I called Minimed today to check the status with my insurance. They said it would take insurance 2 weeks to process, and it has been exactly 2 weeks. Still, Minimed has not heard from my insurance company. I think that I am so ready and excited to get on the CGMS that my patience is wearing thin.

I discovered more diabetes blogs recently and have been reading them. i am amazed how much i can learn from other people. in college in all of my education classes we constantly discussed the term "lifelong learner" and right now I definitely feel like one. I like to learn new things. Maybe some day when I go on Jeopardy! I'll put all of my knowledge to use...ha ha ha. Although I do rock at Wheel of Fortune, if I do say so myself.

I know this was a rather random post. Yay for good moods and good runs :)

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