Monday, February 2, 2009

Run de Cure?

I'm sure you know about the Tour de Cure, a bike race sponsored by the American Diabetes Association. I think it is a great idea and have read about many people training for a race in their area. Then I got thinking...if there is a Tour de Cure bike ride, is there a fundraiser running event for diabetes? After searching google, I could not find anything. :( I wish there was one, and can guarantee that I would sign up for it (if you are reading this and would like to plan a Run de Cure, I would prefer either the half marathon or marathon distance - thanks).

Being a competitive person, I contemplated signing up for the Tour de Cure in my local area. However, it will not work out this year. I am going to be moving this summer and the dates do not work, unfortunately. The good thing is that there is always next year. I must admit that running is my number one love, and cycling, although I have read many good things about it, is much harder for me to get motivated to do for some reason. hm....

Today one of my students told me that Michael Phelps was going drugs during the Olympics. I teach 5th grade, and many times their facts get confused. Really, Phelps was photoed in England smoking from a marijuana pipe. I love the Olympics and everything about them. I love geography and sports, and the two come together during the Olympics. I have always loved the Olympics and can remember when they were in Atlanta getting up every morning, eating breakfast, and watching the boat races, even though I truthfully find them a bit boring. Anyway, I know we all slip up, but I must admit I am disappointed in Phelps. Hopefully it will make him a stronger person and a better role model.

In the true Olympic spirit, I hope to one day be a role model for a youngster as well. Thank you, Mr. Phelps, for reminding me the importance of role models.

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