Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The past, present, and future

Today I was in my car driving my 25-minute drive home from the gym and was thinking about the past, present, and future.

The Past:
Come August, I will have lived in 4 states in 5 years (Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio, and Illinois).
I was diagnosed 20 years ago, and am living a normal life, doing what I want to do.
I have made many, many, many mistakes, but have learned from all of them.

The Present:
I am taking my last class in my master's program, something I never though I would accomplish.
I, more or less, enjoy my job. Teaching 5th grade at an underprivileged school is both challenging and rewarding. The kids always entertain me.
I wish I had better control of my blood sugars.
Does anyone read my blog?

The Future:
When will get I my CGMS and new pump? (I hope very soon!)
Will I ever have complications as a result of diabetes?
Will I ever be fat? (seriously, this is something I constantly worry is a fear of mine!)