Thursday, October 6, 2011

And Then There Were Three

I think it is official: I am going crazy.

The cause: tapering.

Tomorrow is going to be rough.  We have an institute day tomorrow for school.  To say the least, the topic is incredibly boring.  Trust me - if I were to tell you the topic, you would agree with me.  Most of the time I look forward to going to institute days, as they pertain to classroom management or the subjects I teach.  This one, however, does not apply to either things listed above. 

I know my legs will be going crazy, full of energy.  Mentally, I won't be present at all.  Physically, yes, I'll be there.  My mind will be elsewhere.  At least I'll get some quality time to think about the race and other things.  That is something I always welcome.

I can't believe the race is almost here.  A dream is about to become a reality in only 3 days.


  1. I'm so excited for you! The race will be here before you know it.

    Until then, good luck with surviving tomorrow....

  2. I'm getting all giddy and excited for you!