Monday, October 31, 2011


On Saturday I signed up for a 15k in Chicago.  I did the race last year and surprised myself at how well I did.  Last week I signed  up again for the 15k.  It is such an odd distance, one that I find difficult to train for.  I am not scared at the distance - I know I can run 9.3 miles.  I am more concerned with my pace.  I have not done speed work in over 1 month, although I did have a nice 7:16 average minute/mile 5  mile run last week.  I didn't do a long run this weekend...unless you count 6 miles as long.  I thought about doing a nice 8-10 miler today, but was at the gym and the power went out so that didn't happen.

The biggest difference between last year and this year is my motivation to run.  Due to a recent event that has provided me with motivation to PR at everything, I am ready to go out and dominate the run (for me).  My  motivation has never been stronger.  The fuel has been added to the fire and it is burning high and is out of control. 

Watch comes a PR.