Sunday, October 30, 2011

More Shoes

I love shoes, almost as much as I love running shorts.  Although my love for shoes is not limited to the running variety, those are the ones that get purchased the most.  When Saucony came out with a new shoe not so long ago, I wanted to try it out.  It seemed like the perfect shoe - lightweight but supportive so it could be used in longer races.  On Saturday, I got my new pair of Cortana's. 


I was fascinated by the tongue of the shoe.  One direct it says "Saucony" while the other direction says "Cortana."  None of my other shoes do that.

Since I got my new shoes, there was only  one thing I was dying to do - go test them out.

I need to take a photography class immediately.

I did an easy 3 miles in them and they felt great.  Usually I find that shoes are rather stiff when I first get them, but when I was running in these it was like they were already broken in.  

What else did I do this weekend?  See if you can figure it out based on the pictures.

Will this be yours?
Happy Halloween tomorrow!  Halloween is when I was diagnose with diabetes...22 years ago.


  1. I have a ton of shoes too, mostly running shoes (training, racing, flats, spikes, trial), and cycling shoes (training, racing, and mountain)... yep I have a slight problem

    What is happening on 11-14-11

  2. BDD - it is world diabetes day.