Sunday, October 2, 2011

From 0 to 26.2....A Review of 4+ Months of Training

In less than a week, I will have hopefully crossed the finish line at the Chicago Marathon.  I feel like I am a broken record and keep saying this, but I cannot believe that the marathon is Sunday, although I feel like I've been training for it forever.  I started training for it back in June.  Below you can find all of the things from 0 to 26 that I did or happened to me during my training. 

    0.  Number of times I have regretted signing up for the Chicago Marathon.
  1.   Number of glucose container holders (10 per bottle) that I carry with me while I run
  2. Number of 20+ mile runs completed
  3. Number of PRs set during training
  4. Number of pairs of shoes that were used during training
  5. 5k...possibly my new favorite race (the verdict is still out, though)
  6. 6:30 AM - the time that all of my long runs started on Sunday morning
  7. Number of races competed in during training
  8. Number of months it has been since I registered for the Chicago Marathon
  9. Number of half marathons I have completed (#9 was during the training session)
  10. Average number of people in my running group on Sunday morning
  11. Number of miles I'll be running this week....not including the marathon
  12. Number of speed work days during training
  13. The day I was born on...I couldn't think of anything else for this one
  14. Number of times a day I think about my goals for the marathon
  15. 15 x 44 = miles run in the past 4 months of training (660)
  16. Longest run during the week
  17. Number of runs that were 10 or more miles
  18. 18:30 (military time) when I met up with friends to run on Thursday nights
  19. Number of times a day that I am grateful that I am healthy and not injured
  20. Number of minutes it took me to run my fastest 5k...and some seconds
  21. Age you have to be to consume alcohol...and 0 is the number of times I did it while training
  22. Most number of miles I ran at one time
  23. 230 + 42 = number of total pages in The Greatest: The Haile Gebrselassie Story I read for inspiration
  24. Hours in a day...although I wish there were more so I could sleep more
  25. Number of days that I did not run during training (a lot more than I thought!)
  26. My age on race day
Chicago can't come soon enough.  My legs have been feeling strong and ready to run.  Mentally, I am ready to go.  Can you please press the fast forward button for me?

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  1. wow. this was a great post!
    1 more week. Can't wait to read about it! (I've got 3 more weeks)