Friday, October 7, 2011

Chicago Marathon Poem

A little poem dedicated to the Chicago Marathon, by yours truly. 

Back in February, eight months ago,
I registered for the marathon when everywhere there was snow.

Through the spring I trained,
in sun and snow and sleet and rain.

I ran some a few duathlons,
a 5k and some half marathons,
but knew that my dream was still a few months later on.

In June I officially started to train.
I started to see some results
and got excited in my brain.

A few more races and PRs later,
my confidence grew and ran in races with a
view of the lead Gator.

My biggest confidence-booster races
were the Madison to Chicago Relay
as well as the Park Ridge Charity Classic 5k.

Since June I've run 661 miles.
Some were hard,
while others were all fun and smiles.

I walked, ran, elliplitcal'd, lifted weights and biked,
and now....the marathon is (almost) here and I am psyched.

Tomorrow I will go to the expo,
with my dad and mom in tow.

I will pick up some samples and my shirt,
but restrain from eating dessert.

There is nothing more to do but wait.
Soon, I will run the marathon and learn my hard work's fate.

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