Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another Race...Another Adventure

Last week was a big race sign-up week for me, as I signed up for the Chicago Marathon, Sam Costa half marathon (in late March in Indiana), and the St. Paddy's Day 5k (local race). Tonight I signed up for another race after much thought and consideration....the NW Passage Ragnar Relay. Yes, that means in July I'll be headed to the state of Washington. I couldn't be more excited to run with Insulindependence/Glucomotive. Although I must admit I am nervous because I do not know a whole lot about the experience.

Last year I ran the Madison to Chicago Ragnar Relay and it was a unique experience. I don't view these as races; rather, training weekends. I'll be in marathon training mode at the end of July when this occurs, so I'll have to juggle my schedule around to accommodate this race, and I am hoping it will be worthwhile. I signed up for a few key reasons:

  1. I want to meet more diabetic athletes, specifically runners, and this event will allow me to do so. I've only ever met one other diabetic runner in my entire life.
  2. It is a fun, unique way to train. How often do you get to run in the middle of the night? I'm hoping to get that running time slot.
  3. I get to travel to a place I've never been before. I spent a summer in California and I've been to Montana, but never Washington. I've also always to go.
  4. It is in the summer, when I don't have to work. If it were at any other time during the year I would not be able to go because I teach, but the summers are my time to do whatever I want.
  5. I can still make it back to Iowa for the Bix 7 race, which is on July 30 this year.
  6. I know I'll learn better ways to manage diabetes from other people.

Although I have lots of reasons to run it, I do have some concerns:

  1. I do not know a single person doing it...IRL or from the blog world. I'm fairly shy at first so not knowing anyone will be hard for me.
  2. The website does not give a lot of information. Hopefully they send some soon! It is only 5+ months away, which is not long.
  3. Traveling there. My ears do not do well on planes, but hopefully they'll be okay for this trip. Wishful thinking never hurts.

If you are runner and have diabetes, you should sign up for it....or at least consider it.

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  1. Hey,
    I have done the previous two Glucomotive 24-hour relays. I was the one who suggested doing one of these relays to the Insulindependence guys.
    You don't have to worry about not knowing anyone. As soon as you meet them, you will feel like family, you'll have so much in common. You're all diabetic runners.
    The only reason I haven't signed up for this year is because I don't want to take a place on the team away from someone like you, who hasn't experience it before.
    Go for it!