Saturday, February 5, 2011

Compression they actually work?

After some thought and consideration, I decided to buy a pair of compression sleeves. Like the Vibrams debate, I feel like people are either 100% for them, or 100% against them (as in they do not help and are a waste of money). My brother is on the against them side, saying they are just a glorified sock. Your body recovers just fine on its own if you treat it properly. He's training for his second 100-mile race and runs a lot (makes me look like I don't run at all), so I feel like he has a valid opinion. However, I know many more people on the other side of the fence.

After the hilly Bix race I did last summer, my cousins were wearing compression sleeves. They were training for a few marathons and did long runs often. It was their belief that the sleeves greatly improved recovery time and always wore them. Likewise, I have a friend who strongly believes in them as well. I read some articles online and decided to buy myself a pair and see if I noticed a difference.

To be honest, I am not sure if I notice a difference. Right now I am running really well and I've been putting on my sleeves after my workouts. Do I notice a large difference? No, but I do believe they are helping me some. I've been doing quicker runs, partly because I'm getting faster but also because I believe I don't need significant recovery time. Would I recommend these socks/sleeves to other runners? Yes, I would because they cannot hurt you. Anything that can help me run better is something I am open to purchasing or trying. Plus, they serve as excellent leg warmers when the temperature is in the single digits and you are always cold.


  1. I like wearing mine at night both before and after a long run. Since I run in the morning I think wearing them the night before helps get the legs warmed up, and I think I recover a bit faster wearing them the night after as well.

  2. From a medical point of view... We actually use them in the hospital for people who are bed-ridden it helps circulate the blood flow to prevent DVTs So.... it actually would help with circulating any pooled blood from any busted capillaries or any muscle damage... would also help circulate more fresh blood to the legs... I'd say they work :-)