Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You've Got to Use What You've Got

My recovery plan for my newly-diagnosed Achilles tendinitis includes a lot of stretching, exercises, and icing. Being a person who is always cold, as in I often wear sweatshirts when it is 80 degrees outside, the thought of icing is never appealing. However, if it will help me heal, I'll do it.

I've been icing since Friday and each day I actually wished I could just get into an ice bath instead of icing. Not familiar with what an ice bath is? Imagine your tub filled with ice and then run the coldest water into the tub - now you've produced an ice bath. Now, just put your injured foot/leg in and let soak for awhile. Back in high school when I ran cross country I got to experience my fair share of ice baths, and always hated them but knew they helped. It was much like a love-hate relationship. I know they do a world of good for me because I feel like I need to ice multiple parts of my legs. This is hard to do if your ice maker is incredibly slow at making ice. Therefore, for the past few days I have been using what I've got. Enjoy the pictures!

Side view

This is such a weird camera angle...and makes my legs look rather deformed in my opinion.

Feeling better now that I've taken my vegetables back to the freezer. Compression sock time, but they need to readjusted...

Have you gotten to experience an ice bath? Or, would you like to?

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  1. No and no. I've heard amazing things about ice baths, but I'd probably last about 5 seconds. Sounds way to cold for me.

    P.S. Your calves are looking killer, not deformed. :)