Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Are those Vitamin C pills?

Setting: The locker room in the gym

Time: 6:20; after I ran a 2-mile warm-up and biked 5.5 miles

Situation: I wanted to test my blood sugar and put my long sleeve t-shirt in my locker. I typically workout in a long sleeve t, but today I was just too warm. Anyway, I tested because I felt like I was on the verge of going low. My meter confirmed this and I got 3 raspberry glucose tabs out of the container and put them on the lid. I didn't want to touch them as I was rummaging around in my purse for a piece of gum as well. I was also listening to my ipod, and believe Nelle was on when an old lady says something. Since I have my headphones in I didn't really think it was directed at me, but when I looked up she was staring at me. I took my earphones out and asked her if she said something to me. She did - she wanted to know if I was eating Vitamin C pills. My response: ", I am not." Although, the thoughts in my head were much different, like do they make giant, mega-sized vitamin C pills? And, even if they did, why would I take them in a gym locker room? Awkward. Although, they lady was not done. Apparently she has taken Vitamin C pills before. I wanted to say, "good for you..I have 5 more miles to run and some work to do on the stair machine." However, I politely told her that was good and then just put my stuff back in my locker and off I went.

Some people say the weirdest things...

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