Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Nine

My original plans changed this weekend, as my parents decided not to come based on the weather. Instead, I volunteered at the triathlon going on at my gym this morning. I'm posting about it tomorrow, but I will say it was incredibly interesting to be working and not participating.

After I got done volunteering, I came back and ran 9 miles outside, followed by some other various cardio at the gym. I am exhausted from waking up early and all of the physical activity I did today. I realized that I rarely post times from my runs on my blog, so here is a breakdown of my run, according to my Garmin watch.

Total: 9.01 miles in 1:06:48 (7:25 pace)
Calories burned, according to the watch: 1,064
Mile 1 - 7:12
Mile 2 - 7:20
Mile 3 - 7:09
Mile 4 - 7:28
Mile 5 - 7:29
Mile 6 - 7:22
Mile 7 - 7:37
Mile 8 - 7:33
Mile 9 - 7:31
59 feet - 6.4 seconds

Looks like I need to work on pacing, although I will say there were some hilly miles. I am so glad I got to run outside today because it was nearly perfect conditions - 38 degrees, cloudy, and a little misty. I'm off to get some things done before another week of teaching. Hopefully your runs and weekend went well.

What is your favorite weather to run in? I like cloudy, misty weather the best. It is so refreshing.

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