Monday, February 14, 2011

Low Signs

Sometimes I struggle with sensing my lows, especially when I am running. Running is a true passion of mine and sometimes I get so wrapped up in my pace, time, distance, or thinking about anything else related to running that I forget that my blood sugar might be dropping. However, there are 2 signs that I know it has already dropped:

1. I get emotional
2. Self-doubt enters my mind

The first thing I mentioned, getting emotional, typically only happens when my blood sugar has dropped significantly, like under 40. I do not pride myself on this, but I can function with rather low blood sugars. I can run sub 8-minute miles with a blood sugar in the 50s, although I can run sub 7-minute miles when my blood sugar is in the 100s. However, when I am attempting to workout when my blood sugar is that low or trying to function in everyday tasks, I am on the verge of tears for no apparent reason. I could feel sore and be on the brink of tears because I feel like I should not feel sore. Anything might make me cry...from a comment to just being cold (which I always am). Even after I have treated my low, my emotions tend to stick around for a while. I stay sad, even though I have nothing to be sad about.

My second sign is that self-doubt enters my mind while I am running. Thoughts like "can I actually run a race and PR?" or "will I be able to run a marathon in my lifetime?" are frequent, unwelcome visitors to my mind when I'm low.

After my double run day yesterday, where I ran 5 miles on the treadmill in 35:40, with progressively faster miles, then a cool-down walk of 0.5 miles and a bike ride of 5 miles in the early afternoon, and then another 4 mile run in 28:30 in the late afternoon, where I set off to PR in a 5k and did (hello 21:58!!), I was sore today. My legs were tired from my fast (for me) runs yesterday, and my blood sugar was not cooperating. I was experience sign #1, and it was not fun. I ended up running 1 mile today because that was all I could handle. I did some biking, stair climbing, and weight lifting as well. Tomorrow will be a better day for me.

What are your low signs? Am I the only one that cries when they are low?

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